• Uganda has a maternal mortality rate of 336/100,000 live births (2016) and neonatal mortality rate of 43/1000 live births (2016). It hurts for a woman to loose her own life in the process of giving life. As of 2017, in Uganda there were 33 functional ICU beds for a population of nearly 40 Millions When I was appointed a Minister of Health in March 2015, I was invited to Harvard University along with a few other Ministers of Health for leadership training and they asked us what are the things we would wish to change in our countries as Ministers of Health and what went into my mind is one, you wake up early in the morning and no one is expecting you to die but news come in before the day ends that you are dead due; 1) Accidents(motor vehicles, Boda Boda & Bikes)/Disaster, 2) Medical/surgical emergencies emergencies such as heart attacks, stroke, Asthmatic and Epileptic attacks, intestinal Obstructions and raptured tubal pregnancies & 3) Women dying while giving life and as a minister I tried to put emphasis on these three issues including operationalising the National ambulance service .I have realized many cases while am making ward rounds at my clinics here which need critical care (Dr Elioda Tumwesigye). BMC referred about 120 cases that need ICU and critical care in 2017 who could have been managed here and minimize costs of accessing medical services. Though we are private not for Profit and we don’t expect money from these Hospitals, I feel my facilities should provide these accident and emergency services, offer quality diagnostic facilities including Radiology and quality laboratory services, women and Children care services in order to prevent immature death in my community. The  plan is to ensure that our health facilities in Bushenyi and Kabwohe will provide these services to supplement good efforts. Bushenyi has a complete building that requires equipments and improvements to provide descent patient rooms, major operation theatre, radiology services (X-ray and USS). In Kabwohe where we serve a bigger underserved community, we will elect a 3 level block to house accident and emergencies unit, first stage labor unit and baby delivery suites, a modern operation theatre and descent patient rooms, fully equipped Intensive Care/patient support Unit.