MISSION: To provide affordable, high quality and reliable health care to rural and often hard to reach population.

VISION: Achieving good health to all members of the society

VALUES: Hard training, hard work, high quality and low cost.


Strategic objectives


The Mission will strategically be pursued through:


  1. HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care programs which are community based; offering care and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS as well as enforcing HIV prevention methods including Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) and sensitization of the community.
  2. Provision of quality and affordable medical and minor surgical services to residents of Bushenyi and surrounding areas.
  3. Development of a Health Insurance program that covers in-school students at affordable premiums so as to ensure educational success through early treatment of illnesses that would otherwise have a big negative impact on school performance.
  4. Collaboration and partnership with other stake holders implementing quality, affordable community-based health programs e.g. Kabwohe Clinical Research Centre (KCRC), ICOBI, MARIE STOPES etc.