Out and In Patient services

General Medical out Patients and In Patients Services with medical specialists Clinics and over 300 Clients seen through these Services daily


HIV Prevention and care

Comprehensive Long term HIV Care and Treatment Services with over 13,700 HIV clients enrolled on Long term HIV Care Services including HIV Prevention services such as HCT, EMTCT/EID, SMC, PEP/PrEP and Health Education Services where HIV Care Services include Diagnosis and Treatment of Opportunistic Infections, Provision of ARVs and septrin amongst others.


Maternity Services & Ultra sound

Reproductive Health and Maternity Services with Over 100 women and 60 Children seen weekly.




Physiotherapist on site.



Minor surgeries such as circumcision.



State of the art Lab

Dental Care Services.

Ultra sound scan

X-Ray Services.

Community Outreach

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BMC operates 20 Community outreach Centers from all Over Great Bushenyi Districts of Mitooma, Rubirizi, Bushnenyi, Buhweju and Sheema as follows;

Nyamushekyera Prison & Kyabugimbi in Bushenyi, Mitooma, Kashensero, Bitereko & Kiyanga in Mitooma, Kashaka,Kazinga,Kisenyi & Katunguru in Rubirizi,  Kyengando, Kashozi, Mabaare, Kakindo, Muziira & Kishabya in Sheema and Bihanga, Butare, Engaju & Mushasha in Buhweju.

  • Home Based Services, BMC uses a network of Community Volunteers and Community health Workers to conduct Home Based Counseling and care.
  • Health Insurance services in Schools through which 20,000 students are reached out every year
  • Community Health Plan for all which has served over 4200 people with subsidized cost of Health services.
  • Physiotherapy Services: BMC operates a physiotherapy section